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To those 60 and over and the disabled, the Council on Aging will be offering personal food shoppers.  We have many in Nahant who have offered this service.  In light of what our Governor just put forward, it is more important than ever to stay in your homes.  Please send me an email if you are interested in having one of our volunteers do you shopping.  These are scary times and the elderly should not be going to places where many people still congregate, like a supermarket. Send email to lpeterson@nahant.org.

As for the publishing of our April Tiffany Times, unfortunately, there will be no April issue of our Tiffany Times.  I did want to share with you our Nurse’s corner. 

Staying Healthy
            The Coronavirus, Corvid-19, has certainly taken center stage in the news.  Every day  we are hearing more about how it is affecting our lives.  It has become evident that the goal  is to minimize its spread so that vulnerable populations will not be infected.  As of this writing, we are being advised to stay away from large events and to avoid travel if possible, especially on cruise ships.  The St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been cancelled and we may soon hear that   other large events are as well.

            In addition to avoiding large events, we can do several things to help protect ourselves and to prepare.  Just as for a snow storm, we should make sure we have an adequate supply of our medications on hand.  Try to get them refilled as soon as they will let you.  Have some extra non-perishable foods on hand as you would for a big snow storm.

            We continue to be reminded to wash our hands frequently and well, washing with soap for about 20 seconds and paying special attention to our nail beds.  We are also asked not to shake hands, or give hugs and kisses for that matter.  This virus is spread by droplet infection which means it can be in the air around people coughing or sneezing up to about 6 ft, and is also on surfaces.  That is why covering our coughs and washing hands is so important.  Coughing into your elbow is better than using your hand, but the safest way to avoid spread  is to grab and dispose of a tissue if possible.

            Symptoms of the coronavirus include primarily cough, fever, and shortness of breath, sometimes sore throat and runny nose.  Some cases are very mild and people can be contagious before they feel ill.  If you find that you are running a fever, call your doctor rather than going directly to the office, and follow the doctor’s instructions.

            With all of this happening we can certainly become very concerned about symptoms.  But remember, we still have the flu and there is a stomach bug going around, and now allergy season is upon us too.  So remember, sometimes a sneeze is just a sneeze. 

Stay Healthy.
Anna Marie Manazano, R.N.
 Thank you Anna.

STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Peterson
Executive Director-COA
334 Nahant Rd
Nahant, MA 01908
781 581-7557
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New England utility customers are being warned about a new scam using a peer-to-peer app to steal money. A Rhode Island woman was featured on NBC10’s WJAR-TV, saying she received a call alleging to be from National Grid, using a National Grid phone number and said they were coming to disconnect her electric and gas service due to an outstanding bill.

The scammer then told her exactly how much she owed along with her account number. The woman admitted she panicked and used the Zelle app through her bank, which allows customers to send money quickly for free. The woman transferred nearly $800 dollars before realizing she was targeted by scammers. 

National Grid would not threaten immediate shut-off, and in fact, right now due to the pandemic, no residential customers are experiencing terminations. When in doubt, always phone National Grid’s Customer Service hotline at 1-800-322-3223.  
For additional information please visit ngrid.com/scam.


The mission of the Nahant Council on Aging (COA) is to provide physical, mental, and emotional stimulation; enabling those 60 and over to achieve engaged and fulfilling lives in a safe environment.

The Nahant Council On Aging (COA) provides a wide range of activities which include daily luncheon
meals, information, transportation, social events, educational and exercise programs
and much much more!

Van Transportation is available for COA activities including our Food Shopping Program and is only $1 charge per trip. Just give us a call to schedule your trip at 1 - (781) 581-7557 or you may use our simple online contact form.
Nahant Senior Center Location
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Phone: 1- (781) 581-7557
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