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From the Director, Thank You!

I receive many kind words from my readers and patrons; “you are doing a great job” is the most common praise. Although we all like positive feedback, I wouldn’t be able to do a great job without my staff and especially my volunteers.

Here’s to my volunteers: Fran Ahern, Ione Hansell, Lana Mogan, Anne Callahan, Kathie Hatfield, Laurie Nash and Helene Rossert. These volunteers help with the day to day operations here at the senior center, whether they are cooking or taking care of our guests. You guys are the best. Thank you!

Here’s to the Friends of the Nahant COA:  Linda Lehman, Lana Mogan, Mary Irene Dickerson, Peggy Silva, Pat McArdile, Penny Morse and Maureen Edison. You all give your time to help the COA continue to provide the programs, especially the lunch pro- gram, that are so important to our seniors. The fundraising you do is a big help. Thank you!


Here’s to the COA Board of Directors: Nancy Gallo, Angela Bonin, Emily Potts, Joseph Benson, Sheila Hambleton, Linda Jenkins, Car- ol Sanphy, Marcia Divioll and Lollie Ennis.  You are the advocates for the seniors. You make sure the seniors continue to receive the services they require. Thank you.

And lastly, my staff: Penny Morse, who is invaluable in the office, van drivers Arthur Barreda, Jim O’Connor and Pat Scanlon are flexible and are loved by the seniors, and cook Carol Nelson who is especially known for her great desserts. Thank you.

Voulnteerism is so important on so many levels, for the receipents but more importantly for the voulnteers. Here are a few quotes I found that speak to volunteers:

“Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless” Sherry Anderson “Volunteers are paid in six figures... S -M-I-L-E-S.” Gayla LeMaire

Linda Peterson
Executive Director-COA
334 Nahant Rd
Nahant, MA 01908
781 581-7557
781 593-9676 Fax