Hi all,
Welcome to August!! We have had beautiful weather this summer and I hope you are all enjoying it
despite the muggy and very hot days!

This month we will have some new and old adventures. Early in the month , we will travel to
Newburyport to take part in the Yankee Homecoming Festivities . Later in the month , we will travel to
Boston and visit the JFK Library to see the exhibits and have lunch in the cafeteria. Call the COA to sign-up.

Also this month,I invited our Town Clerk,Diane Dunfee to come and speak after lunch and answer
any questions you might have about the mail in ballot card you received.

Marty Taylor returns mid August to teach a new painting project. Please come join us after lunch and
paint and share some snacks and drink and fun!! Sign up by calling the COA.

Special thank you to the Nahant Cultural Council for sponsoring Meet Julia Child in July. The
performance was wonderful and everyone loved the show. We look forward to seeing them in the

Please be careful with the heat. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. We should take things slow these
days and go at a pace that will not lead to unwanted health emergencies!
Take care,

August Director’s Message