Friends of the Nahant COA

The Friends of the Nahant Council on Aging, Corp. is a not-for-profit volunteer Organization. We formed to provide financial support to the Nahant Council on Aging through membership, fundraising, activities, donations, and other means. This support will assist our seniors in achieving engaging and fulfilling lives in a caring community.

For additional information or to speak to someone, please call us at (781) 581-7557.

Volunteers for the Nahant COA

A nonprofit organization such as the Council on Aging is only as strong as its volunteers make it. We’ve been relying on folks like you; Those who want to help make a difference, who have some extra time available, who might know others who’ve benefited from our services. Our volunteers assist during lunch or dining events, they help us accomplish fabulous fundraising events, health fairs, flea markets, and more.

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