Balance Class
This is an hour long class and is taught by a licensed Physical Therapist from Bay State Physical Therapy. The focus is to build strength to help with balance.

Chair Exercise
There are 2 chair classes at the Tiffany Room, Monday & Friday, that is not leader lead. We use a variety of You Tube videos geared to seniors.

Chair Yoga
In chair yoga you will learn to relax and nurture yourself while having fun. Each class engages different parts of your mind and body.

Mind, Body, Spirit
This class combines restorative yoga and sound healing. Restorative yoga deepens your body’s awareness, develops your trust, flexibility and concentration. With sound healing you will feel relaxed and centered on yourself. This practice will awaken your awareness on how nice it feels to learn how to give and receive yoga.

Strength Class
This exercise program offers participants aerobic, strengthening, stretching and balance work and is geared to men & women age 60 and older.

This is your typical floor yoga class using 3 main components, Asana (posture and poses), breathing practice and relaxation and meditation.

ActivityTimeDateLocation / Cost or Sign-Up
Balance Class10:30 – 11:30FridaysTiffany Room / Free
Strength Class9:00 – 9:45Monday / Wednesday / FridayCommunity Center / $2.00
Chair Yoga9:00 – 9:45TuesdayCommunity Center / $2.00
Yoga9:00 – 9:45ThursdayCommunity Center / $2.00
Chair Exercise10:30 – 11:15Monday / FridayTiffany Room / Free
Mind, Body, Spirit10:30 – 11:15WednesdayTiffany Room / Free

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