NAHANT — Executive Director Mary Miner and the Nahant Council on Aging are pleased to announce the launch of the Council’s new website.

The new website: is easily accessible and features a more modern design. The site offers a Helpful Links page the community can visit to find hotlines and websites with information directed towards seniors. Links include access to Medicare and Medicaid programs, services for chronic pain and addiction treatment, and other care programs for citizens to connect with. Members and seniors can also access the Council’s newsletter on the site.

The new site highlights activities that seniors can participate in weekly or monthly. The Council on Aging offers weekly fitness courses to help seniors stay active, including chair yoga, balance classes, and strength classes. The monthly classes include making your own art and manicures. These events give seniors the opportunity to connect with their friends while engaging in fun activities.

“We are very excited about the launch of the new site,” said Executive Director Miner. “The site is now geared towards our members so anyone visiting the site can navigate it with ease. We want our members to feel comfortable going online and signing up for classes or viewing our outreach programs and this new website makes that possible.”

The new website was designed by John Guilfoil Public Relations, LLC.



Nahant Council on Aging Launches New Website